Vr Refiner

Fuel Vapor Recovery

The only one real Fuel-Vapor-Recovery work for your profit, protect environment and save your money!


Designed specifically to keep your vapours on site and convert them in to liquid fuel for re-sale

The only system that can handle the large air-vapour flows during delivery (Up to 2500 liters per min in excess of two 4 inch hoses).

No change to site operations and delivery process.

No vacuum pumps or any other equipment. Only converts vapours that would naturally occur.

Measures how much fuel is converted to re-saleable fuel.

Ensure that you can monitor exactly the return on your investment.

Ensures that the recovered fuel can be accounted for in your wet stock reconciliation and will not mask a leak!

Converts vapours if tank farm pressurization issues occur, reducing vapour losses from…

Vapour Recovery Process

Module 1, contains a 3 phase motor, advanced compressor and pump.

VR skid which mounts modules with all necessary piping for fast installation

Module 2, contains high Flow Coil Condensing Technology

Tanker connection to the inlet pipe of the vapour recovery connection.

Tanker delivery pipe connected to the offset fill tank connection.

During the delivery the displaced vapours are moved out of the tank towards the vent stack and into the VR Refiner unit.

The vapours condensate down to a liquid and via a return pipe connected to the offset fill pipe returns the liquid back to a spirit tank.

The recovered fuel returns back into the tank.

Design Benefits

Just some of the design benefits of the Vapour Processing Equipment

Module 1 System bypass valves for ease of maintenance.

The VR Refiner leaves the factory with both modules fully connected and mounted on a skid this makes site installation fast and simple.

All pipes are connected & tested and the system is pre-installed with R404A a Green Gas refrigerant which is non-ozone depleting, making it a much safer choice for the environment.

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Operating Range

  •    Construction sites
  •    Marina
  •    Military
  •    Racing organization
  •    Airfields
  •    And many more