Container Station

Mobile Refueling Station

Your fast, economic refueling solution!

  • Construction sites
  • Marina
  • Military
  • Racing organization
  • Airfields
  • And many more

In the desert of Africa or snow of Siberia

The total independence and refueling where, when, however you want.

20” and 40” container can be transported anywhere around the world by ship or truck. With its CSC plate, you can transport your refueling station on economical container ship.

Single or double wall storage tank up to 43.000 liters with up to 4 compartments, you can stock and refill diesel, petrol, AdBlue® or A1 jet fuel, any medium.

For petrol we recommend 50LPM ( 13.5 gallons per minute ). Foe diesel you can choice 50, 85 or 140LPM (13, 22.5 or 39 gallons per minute)

You want to refuel multiple cars or trucks same time? No problem! We install up to 4 fuel dispensers in the container.

All of our container stations come with a “ATEX Inspection Report”. This means that all electrical and electronic components and installations are controlled by third part to their safety.

With the level gauge you can see every time how much fuel you have and if necessary you can order in time. Two electronic switches ( 1 high level, 1 high-high level) secure the bulk filling. But that is not enough for you? Then we install a mechanical overfill prevention.

  • Short operation description
  • MID und ATEX certified fuel dispenser
  • ATEX and CSC inspection report for whole container refueling station by request
  • Pressure type leak detector
  • Level gauge
  • Grounding
  • Security warnings

Additional Info

  • Housing: 20“ or 40“ ISO transport container
  • Tank: Cylindrical tank up to 30.000 liters or prismatic tank up to 43.000 liters
  • Product: Petrol, diesel, Kerosene or DEF
  • Dispenser: Suction type. Standard 50LPM (13.5 GPM). Option up to 140LPM (39 GPM)
  • Filling connection: 2” or 3” fast coupling for loading and unloading
  • Overfill protection: Electronic and/or mechanical overfill prevention
  • Isolation: Isolation against cold, heat and fire
  • Regulator: 2kW electronics for electronics
  • Transfer pump: Transfer pump with a flow rate of 300LPM (80GPM) or more
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Operating Range

  •    Construction sites
  •    Marina
  •    Military
  •    Racing organization
  •    Airfields
  •    And many more